Design Theory:


FIU 5205



Course Description:

The Advanced course in Design Theory explores canonical texts in architecture and urbanism focusing on select ideas that shape the discourse in aesthetics, technology, history reflected in the material environment. The course examines significant ideas in aesthetics and visual culture with an emphasis on specific concerns in architecture and the material environment.

Content and Organization:

The course has one lecture per week and one discussion section: attendance to both is mandatory.  This course includes a substantial reading requirement. Students will divide into reading groups of 4-5 people to manage the reading load for each week. Each group will submit an outline of the reading at the beginning of the Thursday discussion meeting. Reading groups are expected to arrive prepared to each discussion class session with summaries and outlines of the assigned readings. Please note: readings are the basis for lectures and discussion in section and should be completed before lectures. Student groups are encouraged to meet with the Teaching Assistants outside of class to prepare the required reading outlines. Discussion sections are divided into two parts, an initial set of questions distributed to students In general and a second period of public discussion.

Individual and written team summaries and oral presentations (accompanied by an outline of at least 2 pages) are to be clear, thorough, searching and engaging. Essential to the course is a willingness to engage with the readings and energetically pursue arguments in class discussion.