Design Theory: Introduction

FIU 3243 5249 F11

General Information


Regular attendance is mandatory and active participation in discussions is required. Short papers and questions to facilitate class discussion are required in the discussion sections.

NOTE: Copies of the readings are available on 2-HR reserve at the library or as downloadable electronic files on the course website:

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Students with Special Needs: Students who may need auxiliary aids or services to ensure access to academic programs should register with the Office of Disability Services for Students.

Participation and Attendance: Class and section attendance and punctuality is mandatory. There is no distinction between unexcused and excused absences. All students expected to arrive on time and stay for the duration of the lecture. Each student is allowed two unexcused absences. At the third unexcused absence, the grade for the semester drops by one whole letter grade. At the fourth absence, the student receives a failing grade in the course. Attendance will be checked at each class and recorded. A note from an authority accepted by university policy must accompany excused absences. Tardiness to class is unacceptable and late arrivals or early departures will be noted and may be counted as absences.

Work in the course is subject to all university rules on academic misconduct. Plagiarism, the use of ideas or words of another person as if they were one’s own or without crediting the source, is strictly forbidden. Arrangements for late submission of work must be made in advance and will be at the discretion of the instructor.


Participation in Section            30%

Weekly Writing Assignments/Analysis   20%

Research Paper/Model            50%


Late work will be lowered 1/2 letter grade for each day beyond the deadline except in the case of ill health or extenuating circumstances. Papers are submitted electronically to the Teaching Assistants by section and are due according to the time indicated. Because of the required review and revision process, maintaining a schedule insures adequate time for writing fellow review, instructor review and student response. This course places an emphasis on process and therefore requires multiple revisions and work submitted on time.


All assignments to be submitted electronically to your TA according to Sections. Uploaded filenames should be labeled as follows: 

A1 _seminar TA name_student name

For example,


This represents Assignment 1, Miller seminar section, Smith student name

NB: All assignments to be submitted at noted in the schedule.

All other assignments to be submitted as directed during the semester.

READINGS There are NO textbooks for this class. All readings for the course are listed on the syllabus. Readings are available online through the course website and the FIU Library and are accessible to registered FIU students from any computer with Internet capability and at any time. Questions about accessing the readings should be directed to librarians at the FIU Libraries.