Design Theory: Introduction

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The theory of architecture should not be confused with ideas about function or the use of buildings. The theory of buildings, opposed to the practice of building, is a way in which society reveals itself. This requires that we approach technology, culture, science and aesthetics, each in different measure, to understand how buildings are and imagine themselves in any given society.

The goal of the DesignTheory sequence is to advance an understanding of how and why architecture and art shape our representations of the material world. The courses address the currents shaping the material and imaginative productions of significant eras. Introduction to Theory focuses on art and architecture movements in the latter half of the 20th Century as globalism and nationalism struggle for ascendency in the discourse of modernity and post-modernity. Advanced Theory traces major aesthetic and technological hypothesis of the built environment in the western world from early philosophies of beauty and wonder to post-modern concerns with semiotics and mediation.


Design Theory:


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